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Alexander, Theis and Johannes looking sharp

Nifty is an online tool that helps university students study in a smarter way. We have dedicated ourselves to create a very intuitive and lightweight service, because we believe that is a must for getting good work done.

Most students spend a lot of time on group work. If we can help them save time, do better work,and get better grades, we have made a significant impact. It is not only about studying, it is about contributing to promising careers everywhere in the world.

Nifty was founded in 2015 by Theis, Johannes, and Alexander, and is based in the lovely city of Copenhagen, Denmark. Theis is in charge of the design of the site and how you interact with it. Johannes makes sure the machinery behind runs smoothly, and Alexander listens to students and ensures that we offer exactly what they need to study smarter.

We are a young company with an important mission and we hope that you will be a part of our journey and always keep us on our toes.


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We would love to talk to you. Please write us on team@heynifty.com